Trek 2 - Yellow Rock to Warrimoo

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21/10/2006 18:00
Yellow Rock to Warrimoo


This trek were bein' hatched at Kazashi’s quarters, after returnin' from Trek 1. The team were bein' sittin' aroun' th' topographic map reviewin' Trek 1 an' lookin' at th' region in general. A few places o' interest were noted Nice Views cache an' Fallen Giant cache an' a trek were bein' formed. Startin' at Yellow Rock we would traverse th' fire trails, camp at what would soon become known as Base Camp an' head out th' next day. With th' help o' Google Earth an' geocachin'.com a plan were bein' formed.

The Trek

The team arrived at Kazashi’s quarters at 6am, October 21, 2006. Packs were arranged an' loaded into th' Sha8doW-mobile an' we set off t' Yellow Rock. Arrivin' at Yellow Rock at about 6:40AM we started th' deep descent along th' firetrails.

Chappo, Kazashi an' Fuzz headin' down th' firetrails

The first stop were bein' a clearin' at th' bottom o' th' first mountain. Supplies were had as we considered which way we would attack Dogzballs.


DogzBalls is a house in th' middle o' nowhere, accessible only via firetrails. We noticed it in google earth an' made it a point o' interest fer this trek. It gets its name from its uncanny resemblance from th' air t' dogs balls…

Once at th' DogzBalls we got all th' info we needed. It were bein' just a house in th' middle o' nowhere with somewhat suspici'us motives.

That green drug growin' enclosure would have t' be investigated at a later date. And hoist the mainsail, Ya horn swogglin' scurvy cur! From thar we moved on t' our first e'er cache – Fallen Giant.

Fallen Giant

Fallen Giant were bein' th' first o' two caches fer th' day. Based on th' pictures from th' plan Fuzz an' Kazozza were pretty sure they had been t' th' th' site o' this cache on a previ'us walk. However th' GPS had other ideas, revealin' a large fallen tree off th' track several hundred metres afore than where we thought it would be.

Fallen Giant in th' middle leaned up against th' rock face (partly obscured by trees in front)

The Cache

The area aroun' th' tree were bein' thoroughly searched but we knew we were kiddin' ourselves. It were bein' goin' t' be somewhere halfway up th' tree. So up th' rock face Sha8doW went t' investigate. At about th' same time th' rest o' us were avoidin' th' thought that th' cache were bein' in th' burned out tree trunk an' would require one o' us t' climb up th' inside, me Jolly Roger Chappo volunteered an' up he went. There were screams o' giant mozzies th' size o' his head an' spiders he could feel but not see… not long after, a triumphant cry came from within th' tree. Sha8doW looked in t' see that Chappo had located th' cache. Sha8doW reached in t' get it as it were bein' within reach fer that scurvey dog…

“Don’t touch it, Ya lily livered swabbie! I’m gettin' it!” yelled Chappo. And fair enough too. First cache e'er fer Team IPX – an' wasn’t it a ripper?

Congrats Chappo – ye earned that one:

Chappo negotiated his way back out o' th' trunk an' inspected th' cache. Took somethin', left somethin' as per geocachin' customs.

Kazozza at th' top o' th' tree lookin' down on Kazashi, Fuzz, Chappo an' Sha8doW inspectin' th' cache.

Once finished with th' Fallen Giant th' next challenge were bein' gettin' t' CrossRoads.


The first thin' t' note about CrossRoads is that t' get t' it thar is a very steep incline, ye scurvey dog. There is long way with a steep incline but stretched o'er fair distance… an' thar is th' shortcut – straight up, Avast me hearties, Avast me hearties! There were concerns on how Sha8doW’s pack (th' heaviest) could be transported up t' CrossRoads. Oho, avast! The team discussed several options an' a plan were bein' hatched…

Fuzz an' Sha8doW about t' attack th' short way with a novel pack transportation method.

Ok, so we didn’t say it were bein' a good plan. After a warnin' from some passin' horse riders that their horses nearly snuffed it after goin' up th' short way we dropped th' current plan o' takin' th' heaviest packs up on th' big stick. The team split into two – Fuzz took Sha8doW’s pack along with Kazozza an' Chappo up th' long way, Get out of me rum, and a bottle of rum! Kazashi an' Sha8doW (now with Fuzz’s pack) attacked th' short way.

Team short way arrived first albeit a little out o' breath. Fetch me spyglass! Team long way arrived soon after, also out o' breath! We had reached CrossRoads. Time t' mark th' IPX name an' have a short break before headin' on t' BaseCamp.

Sha8doW an' Kazashi takin' a break at CrossRoads

Trip t' Nice Views / BaseCamp

It were bein' time t' move onto Nice Views… Shame about th' rust – also our campin' spot fer th' night. Rain had been threatenin' all day an' we were all keen t' get t' our destination. However we were all tired an' unfortunately th' trip from CrossRoads t' BaseCamp happened t' be another continuous incline, and dinna spare the whip! About halfway we noticed in th' distance what appeared t' be th' perfect sittin' rock. Sha8doW called it, took a seat, an' sat happily fer about 30 seconds until a few IPX expletives were yelled as he shot into th' air.

WTF – some f**k**‘s bitin' me on th' A$$!”

Sure enough he had sat on an ants nest. And these were no ordinary ants…

As Sha8doW continued t' yell out in pain, Fuzz scrambled fer th' IPX bite spray. In doin' so he volunteered himself t' spray it on. Prepare to be boarded, Dance the Hempen Jig Spray were bein' applied (thank god it wasn’t cream!)
It were bein' time fer revenge – out came th' butane an' it were bein' applied t' th' ants nest. An accident were bein' nearly had but no bushfires ensued an' th' Sha8dow resolved t' finalise retribution next time… Soon after we arrived at BaseCamp.

Nice Views / BaseCamp

Finally – we have arrived, with a chest full of booty. And wasn’t it worth it!

Shame about th' rust! Ahoy! (Ok ok! I’ll stop!)

First job were bein' t' set up tent an' th' fire.

Good job! Walk the plank! Next – time fer some cache searchin', on a dead man's chest!

The Cache

Fuzz stayed out o' th' cache searchin' on this one as he knew from th' trek plannin' exactly where th' cache were bein'. After some climbin' up an' down th' cliff face Sha8doW found th' cache.

Somethin' were bein' taken, an' an IPX t-piece were bein' left, Avast me hearties! Our second cache found. Load the cannons! 2/2. Not a bad record!

Stomachs were rumblin' an' it were bein' decided that it were bein' time fer an IPX BBQ. This is where we reveal why Sha8doW’s pack were bein' so heavy, Dance the Hempen Jig The ornery cuss were bein' carryin' a portable BBQ! And now its time fer all that work t' pay off. Sausage sandwiches all round.

The rest o' th' afternoon were bein' spent tellin' auld IPX tales o'er a well deserved beer.

Nightfall came an' signals were exchanged with “others” across th' valley in both Yellow Rock an' a ute on one o' th' fire trails.

A late night stagg chilli were bein' cooked an' had by Chappo.

After a fairly poor nights sleep fer th' entire team, Fuzz were bein' first t' emerge an' take in th' mornin' surroundin's.

Upon returnin' t' get somethin' warmer t' put on it were bein' noted that th' tent smells a lot like Stagg chilli. Load the cannons, shiver me timbers Chappo apologised.

A cooked breakfast were bein' had by most (spaghetti, instant pasta, leftover sausages etc) prior t' packin' up an' startin' th' trek back.

After breakfast an IPX team photo were bein' taken.

The team decided against stoppin' at either th' concrete slab or th' creek off th' track on th' way out puttin' that off t' a later trek. This meant th' team could exit at Rickard Rd, where Mrs Sha8dow came t' pick up Sha8doW an' Chappo. in one o' th' 2 IPX vans, Chappo returned soon after with th' other IPX van t' ferry everyone else back.

Everyone met fer an impromptu LAN at Kazashi’s quarters an' plans fer Trek 3 began.