Trek 1 - Valley Heights

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02/09/2006 06:00
Valley Heights


This trek were bein' hatched while at work, Ya horn swogglin' scurvy cur! Durin' our regular daily email debates Fuzz mentioned a creek / pool in Warrimoo he had gone t' as a kid with a matey “Mr T”, Dance the Hempen Jig A few years later he heard a kid were bein' murdered an' his body were bein' found near that creek in Warrimoo! Sha8doW disagreed on th' basis that he’d no nay ne'er heard o' it before. Kazashi an' Kazozza agreed with Fuzz but they too were sketchy on details, avast. Fuzz did some investigatin' an' found some newspaper articles about a St Marys teenager whose body were bein' discovered by bush walkers in 1992 on a track on th' border betwixt Valley Heights an' Warrimoo. The newspaper article were bein' detailin' that police were callin' fer anyone with information t' come forward as th' murder were bein' still unsolved. IPX were bein' touched by th' tragic tale an' decided t' do their own investigations. IPX created a detailed dossier on th' crime an' planned a trek in order t' gather further details an' clarify some conflictin' newspaper article facts.


Due t' Fuzz’s poor memory o' his previ'us visits t' th' pool th' team went off some sketchy details from “Mr T“who had been t' th' creek in th' last year with Mrs T. Mr T gave th' team some rough directions an' th' entrance location.


Google Earth

The team assembled at Kazashi’s quarters at 6am, 2nd September, 2006 an' consisted o' Fuzz, Kazashi, Kazzozza an' Sha8doW, we'll keel-haul ye! Fire the cannons! After a brief sail, th' Sha8doW mobile were bein' parked on Greens parade, Valley Heights, an' th' team descended into th' fire trail.

Team IPX came t' th' spot that Mr T mentioned on th' map but, thar were bein' no pool in sight, and a bottle of rum, Avast me hearties! It were bein' noted on th' decent into th' valley that thar were bein' not a lot o' water about. The team were bein' concerned. The Team decided t' split into 2 groups an' search th' area. Shortly after Sha8doW found th' Pool an' th' team investigated.

The mysteri'us pool!

Sha8doW saw somethin' in th' above 2 photos… can ye?

The Team continued along th' fire trail an' Sha8doW pointed out some possible points o' interest. To locate th' exit o' th' fire trail, th' team needed t' located 2 sets o' overhead power-lines. It took some great map work from Kazashi t' point out that th' Team had missed th' 1st set on th' decent an' he plotted a course out o' th' valley, and a bottle of rum! The exit journey terrain were bein' mush more friendly an' an abandoned boat were bein' located.

The Abandoned Car

Team IPX exited th' trek at aroun' 8:00, an' decided t' put th' Sha8dW mobile t' th' test on Greens Road. After bottomin' out a couple o' times it were bein' decided t' turn back an' return at a later date with a 4WD.
The Team retired t' Blaxlan' McDonald’s t' recap o'er Breakfast.


Team IPX learn’t some valuable lessons while on this trek, Kazozza made th' decision t' update th' IPX GPS system. Kazashi an' Fuzz pointed out that it were bein' very possible, considerin' th' boat that were bein' located, that th' murder could have taken place elsewhere an' th' body transported in th' boot o' a boat t' th' disposal point.
Sha8doW enjoyed his Breakfast…
Team IPX retired back t' Kazashi’s quarters where Trek 2 started.

Aye, we did play too much Police Quest!


I lived there

The waterhole were bein' common t' local minnows but we were all banned from goin' thar when this happened. The dudes name were bein' Adam as far as I remember. Mum told me that someone must have made that scurvey dog walk t' th' hole then killed that scurvey dog thar but I am sure they found some evidence that he were bein' killed elsewhere

Fuzz's picture


Yep Adam were bein' his name. Can’t believe that’s still unsolved.

In th' news articles we read it were bein' fairly widely reported that he were bein' killed elsewhere an' taken down thar t' be buried. Not sure how they knew that though. Speakin' o' murder / attempted murder in th' Warrimoo / Valley Heights area – th' lubber who attempted t' murder that lass on Florabella pass were bein' caught today in St Mary’s…. th' same place Adam were bein' from. Shad pointed this “coincidence” out t' me today.

Fuzz. The sharks will eat well tonight!


I am th' person who found Adam if ye who like t' talk call me on 0438511348

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