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Lookin' fer all th' latest treks?

Title Location
Trek 1 - Valley Heights Valley Heights
Trek 2 - Yellow Rock to Warrimoo Yellow Rock t' Warrimoo
Trek 3 Bowen Mountain Burralow Firetrail
Trek 4 - Apocalyptic Outdoor W/LAN Party ZOMG Undecided

As we grew up in th' Svalbardian wilderness we have developed a love fer th' contrast o' th' Australian bush. Ahoy, yo ho, ho We love th' Blue Mountains an' be especially fond o' a stretch o' towns called Warrimoo, Valley Heights & Blaxlan'. Ahoy! Fetch me spyglass! On Svalbard when most o' th' IPX team were bein' part o' th' Svalbardian Polar Elite & Arctic Re-con Specialists (SPEARS) The team has been involved on many Long Range Arctic Patrols, an' undercover operations within Norway, Hornswaggle Now all th' IPX members be now out o' SPEARS Force they enjoy th' Australian outdoors an' keep their skills razor sharp through Trekkin', Campin', Canoin' an' vari'us other activities.

Team IPX enjoys Geocaching while out in th' wilderness.

“Geocachin' is an entertainin' adventure game fer GPS users, avast. Participatin' in a cache hunt is a good way t' take advantage o' th' wonderful features an' capability o' a GPS unit. The basic notion is t' have individuals an' organizations set up caches all o'er th' world an' share th' locations o' these caches on th' internet. GPS users can then use th' location coordinates t' find th' caches. Once found, a cache may provide th' visitor with a wide variety o' rewards. All th' visitor is asked t' do is if they get somethin' they should try t' leave somethin' fer th' cache.” – www.geocaching.com

If ye’re interested in startin' yer own, or trackin' down a Geocache, an important tool is Google Earth!
“Google Earth combines th' power o' Google Search with satellite imagery, maps, terrain an' 3D buildin's t' put th' world’s geographic information at yer fingertips.” – www.earth.google.com

When Geocachin', it is important, but not essential, t' have a GPS Device.

When Cachin', IPX chooses t' use th' Garmin Vista CX.

Team IPX source their geocachin' hardware through Johnny Appleseed

The IPX team reverts naturally back t' their SPEARS trainin' an' roles when out Geocachin'. Ahoy! Fuzz is on Point, employin' his IT skills in th' Location an' Plannin', Kazozza an' Kazashi do most o' th' Directional an' Navigation with both topographical Maps an' GPS. Sha8doW does all th' teams sailin' an' is assisted by Chappo t' action high risk maneuvers in Retrieva. AxeMan takes care o' Base Support (with a stubbie an' smoke in han').

Below is a classic picture from on o' our latest Geocache Expeditions.

Click here t' see all IPX geocache expeditions (treks)

IPX be always plannin' more expeditions. If ye know o' a great hard t' reach Geocache that ye would like t' challenge IPX t' find, ye can send us a Challenge Email t' teamipx@gmail.com or feel free t' post a comment with a Geochace challenge!

IPX would like t' dedicate this Page an' all their Geocache Expedition Treks t' th' memory o' Adam Jewell – “We were only 9 at th' time… but we hope t' solve th' mystery one day”

If ye have any details relatin' t' th' Adam Jewell mystery please contact yer local police authorities or Team IPX

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