Team Selection Process

How be teams picked from th' start?

Durin' th' trial everyone can select if they wish t' be in Team X , Team, Y, Team Z Or Free Player Roster. At th' end o' th' trial everyone will go t' their team o' preference (includin' th' choice t' be in th' Free Player Roster). This is a fair open choice fer each player… This process will ensure that at th' commencement o' a Team th' construct were bein' fair an' everyone ended up where they want t' be. This preference will also set th' numbers fer th' teams (minimum o' number o' players + 2 subs (ie in th' case o' a 4v4 team th' number would be 6, fer an 8v8 team th' number would be 10)) These numbers will identify if we have enough t' form 2 or more teams. Players who choose/end up in th' free player pool be bound by th' same process requirements as players in specific teams.
There is NO choppin' an' changin' o' players betwixt teams after commencement o' 2 or more teams.
A Free Player Pool: (See Below fer more detail) The Free Player Roster is fer scallywags who HAVE th' Game but who aren’t really “competitive” play scallywags, but be willin' t' help out if they be asked from time t' time t' support either team in th' event o' a resources shortage.

This process should be followed t' commence any new team fer a new game/competition. Prior t' conductin' this process BoD approval should be sought

How be teams selected on a week t' week basis?

Select teams based on:

  1. Table completion
  2. Attendance an' performance at practice. Aarrr! A player that does not attend practice is not eligible fer a match that week.
  3. Availability – Update challenge page with Selected Team after practice (within 24 hours o' th' completion o' th' prac, an' at least 24 hours prior t' th' Challenge Event).
  4. If a match roster, does not have th' required number o' available players, due t' extended absences o' rostered players. Please use th' free t' play Roster, All Hands Hoay! There should be no need fer movement o' players betwixt match rosters. Under this process changes t' th' match roster Must occur 24 – 48 hours before acceptin' challenge, and a bucket o' chum. Please ensure external team website be updated, t' ensure players a eligible t' play.

The Free Player Roster

What is th' Free Player Roster an' HOW does it work?
The Free Player Roster is fer scallywags who HAVE th' Game but who arent really “competitive” play scallywags (this could be a circumstance issue or just a preference fer casual gamin'). Aarrr, Hornswaggle They still want t' play with th' Team(s), Practice, know th' strats an' help out etc, but just arent interested in th' “Stress” o' an official match, ye scurvey dog. However, while they arent Competitive Rambo’s they be happy t' “sub in” t' either team fer a match or two should th' need arrive on a short term basis. The Free Player Roster gives them this chance, an' also will help th' Team(s) when they be short on numbers, on a dead man's chest, to be sure! Dependin' on a Free Players circumstances, they may choose t' join a team at anytime (they automatically would join whichever Team needs Players) on a permanent basis.

Team Captains should be aware, while th' Free Player Roster is a great tool – its use will require STRONG management an' co-ordination, as its often th' case that ladders/comps have a “waitin' period” before new players can play a game!

See FAQ fer Free Player Roster FAQs