Breaking News: Rumors surface that LEGO wants to Immortalise TeamIPX

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Breaking News: Rumors surface that LEGO wants to Immortalise TeamIPX

Unreliable sources have contacted me to gauge my comments on rumors that Lego was going make Team IPX min figures… (Basically Lego Men). Up untill now, ive had Zero Comment! However late last night i was contacted again by more reportors, this time one presented me with this:

“Wow…” I said “Some LEGO nutbag must have been doing that until 2am!” I also said that i would not be commenting further on the “LEGO Deal” until the numbers were right. I also raised concerns about LEGO’s (ie Denmarks) proximity and to its northern neighbor and ensured that the reporter understood that “Norway can go screw itself.”

Who ever didn’t want to join IPX before, is going to want too now… We’ve got LEGO men!

P.S. Nice Hats ;)



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3 cheers for lego men!

hehe, great work . Hey! It’s happening to my machine too!


well me land lubbers ill use me soul stealing photomegraph and ill wear me colours with pride.
on a side note found the on this tlap day web site :

Bung hole – Victuals on a ship were stored in wooden casks. The stopper in the barrel is called the bung, and the hole is called the bung hole. That’s all. It sounds a lot worse, doesn’t it? On TLAP Day – When dinner is served you’ll make quite an impression when you say, “Well, me hearties, let’s see what crawled out of the bung hole.” That statement will be instantly followed by the sound of people putting down their utensils and pushing themselves away from the table. Great! More for you!

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RRR me Hardies

Well n0w Mattatuide has his hat we hope he dosen’t ask 4 a SworD……

Nice w0rk Shad…………….

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i was really expecting more

hype… those buggers took me all night!

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Very Cool!

Good Skills!

We should use these as avatars, and have our numbers on them!


good idea mm make more work for sha8 i mean he doesnt have a life or anything


…..i have something very important 2 say about this……………….hmmm…….what was it……………oh yeah……………………..LEGO RULES!!!!!!(norway dunsnt)


you sure it was leggo and not aliens kidnapping you and showing youv what we are going to look like when they are finished with us all
PHOOEY” dammit it dude they taste like plastic now lol


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OMG… Rayne Lego…


i’m a barbie girl in the leggo wooorld
life in plastic
it’s fantastic
lol lol lol
so when do we get to join them at the knobs lol

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Available from NHL Shop, Females can purchase their favorite jerseys, but in Pink…
And they are “female cut/stylised” for dress, rather then playing… (Id hazard a guess the type styled above for Rayne above is more like a “female Hockey Jersey)
Ive made the option available to our female members, if they so wish.

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Can I 0rder 1 4 Christmas

sum excellent w0rk there Shad…………..

Pink 1 l00ks c00l………….


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Supporting Personnel

Ive decided to go ahead and create an IPX supporting character. As I am only aware that there are Female Supporting Personnel whom access the site and would probably appreciate this, IE Matts misses & Doodism etc.

This Lego character has the Female stylised jersey from Above, whilest sporting Jeans, sneakers, and without a helmet….

I know what the next question is going to be…

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Ok... time for shad to take a break

Umm…. Errrr

I love pink


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…omg lols… this is so funny

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Lego ladies

Those boobs are fake IMO, obviously plastic.

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