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SteamOS sale hints at some great titles coming soon to linux

a few that caught me eye(most comin' soon but seems a few have released)
* Payday 2 (says fall 2015)
* shadow o' mordor
* torchlight 2
* withcer 3 *hopefully not eon crap if it is meh
* grid autosports (yay a racin' game definitly a lack o' that on linux)
* several new total war games(we already got 1)
* Batman arkham knight
* saints row 4(i loved #3 on th' ps3 hopefully 4 is good too)
* company o' heros 2
* magicka 2

cant wait fer th' sales way too many nice games

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chivalry beta for linux

saw this on reddit today wont be able t' get it till close t' end o' th' month but definitely lookin' forward t' playin' it

also this has been floatin' aroun' fer a while now
bioshock infinite fer linux! Oho! thar’s rumors this might not be a native port but another eon mess like witcher 2 were bein' but theres no evidence either way just gotta wait fer them t' release

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CS:GO for linux beta available and left 4 dead is now uncut

CS:GO finally available as a beta

i figured out how t' block steam from downloadin' it from any server but telstra so i could actually install it with me 8 GB o' data :) it runs well didnt see any performance issues. mic’s dont work yet(were bein' th' same with L4D2 in its early beta) an' i had th' ui screw up a few times but not a bad beta release

also L4D2 is now uncut in Australia. if ye got th' low violence version theres a free dlc t' switch…, shiver me timbers so much better uncut!!!

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Chivary for Linux?

saw this posted on reddit today

looks promisin' chivalry might be headin' t' linux ofcourse one o' th' first comments ye see is some entitled windows user postin' somethin' like this:
“Can’t ye just fix th' bugs instead o' focusin' on idiotic shit like this? Wow… “ – Some Windows Bridge Dweller who is already enjoyin' chivalry an' doesn’t want t' share his toys

if it does come out it will likely be one o' th' ones i pick up next sale along with borderlands 2(an' th' pre sequel) an' a million other linux titles that have yet t' be announced :)

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New House New internet

after a bit o' bein' screwed aroun' by telstra im back up an' runnin' on 4G this is what im gettin' now it comes nowhere near me auld connection but it isnt as bad as i thought it would be

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Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel coming to linux! borderlands 2 too?

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel( has been confirmed a few times by th' developers, on a dead man's chest! only showin' win icon on th' steam store but i think thats only just t' protect them if th' 3rd party portin' company is a little slower(im guessin' this is aspyr’s work( they did borderlands 2 fer mac an' has just started portin' t' linux(their first an' only atm is civ 5), by Blackbeard's sword. could be feral too but i doubt it(they did borderlands 1 an' gave linux users xcom))

dont know what ye guys think about The Pre-Sequel. i loved borderlands 1 an' th' only thin' that sucked about it were bein' th' last admiral an' th' fact i played it on th' ps3, I'll warrant ye! i skipped borderlands 2 because i didnt want t' do th' whole controller thin' a 2nd time but have seen a few lets plays an' looks as awesome an' way bigger than th' original, pass the grog, on a dead man's chest! th' trailers looks like this games goin' t' be awesome too really cant wait fer this game

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Another one bites the dust(WD Green HDD's)

th' last o' me WD green HDD’s has finally started t' show signs o' failure(already hit an' miss with recordin' accordin' t' smartctl its been powered fer 3.5 years had it fer about 4 would be me guess) i needed more space anyway not a bad sail were bein' dirt cheap an' kinda slow but worked well fer what i used it fer(it handles mostly recordin's which prob helped in its fate more then anythin' an' used t' hold me videos with another 2TB green till that one failed an' i ran out o' space, Ya horn swogglin' scurvy cur! were bein' bein' used fer steam games but now just started t' reuse it t' expan' me video collection)

thinkin' o' replacin' it with somethin' like this: WD3003FZEX

* oneday i should do a post about mythtv its such a good media center solution an' most o' th' development is focused on linux(although mac/an' t' a far lesser extent windows works with reduced features) :)

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Terraria soon to be on linux?

posted on a devs twitter:

so looks like they have ported it t' monogame or somethin' an' got it workin' on mac an' linux.

thar were bein' an unofficial fan made monogame wrapper fer this already(i think its out o' date now an' doesnt work) but its awesome that its finally comin' t' linux(an' mac). no nay ne'er played it an' havent picked it up because it wasnt officially on linux hopefully theres a sale when they do release th' patch alot o' scallywags on me maties list play it an' think its a good game

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Mount + Blade Warband Free weekend and darksiders coming out for linux soon

mount an' blade is kinda cool singleplayers a sandbox with combat kinda like what i imagine chivilary is. multiplayer had a lag issue(known bug not sure if new version fixed it) on linux an' is just th' battles(no tryin' t' be kin'/queen). th' graphics look like they belong in th' late 90’s but its still worth checkin' out durin' th' free weekend

also darksiders now confirmed t' have been worked on( its done by th' same lubber who ported painkiller HD an' Deadfall adventures(both good ports an' awesome SP games with unfortunately dead MP). darksiders 2 isnt bein' worked on yet but its hinted it might be started soon(

from what i hear darksiders should be really awesome cant wait!!!

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XCOM: Enemy Unknown now out for linux

dont know much about th' port its still downloadin'. been evidence in steamdb fer a while an' now its out just in time fer steam sales. Civ 5 will have t' be lonely fer atleast a few days now, Get out of me rum! will update later about th' port quality once i have actually had a go o' it!

whats next this week? Fire the cannons! CS:GO? Stanley parable? nothin'?!

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