Backup mumble server

Due to down time with the mumble server tonight, came to my attention that we dont have a backup. So for just such cases, I got us one. I dont if or when Robag can give us a better log on name… but here are the details. Last thing I want is a match night and this happens. So if you want to jump on, do so. Its only a 20 slot server but I think that is more then enough for a backup.

Port: 64778

Also, when I have the time I will put in some structure to the channels etc… but I think just an open lobby should do for the next couple hours while I get some stuff done and figure it out.


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new backup server

port 64778

thank you Delta


we used

to haveone didnt we?

well done

good thinking 99


We do, but it’s only 8 slots. Which means our normal load of members wouldnt fit. That’s why I made sure it was a 20 slot server. I have paid up a year, so it will be here when or if we need it in an emergency.

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what happened to

the “old” teamipx mumble server?


Its down at the moment. Robag was saying its only the 2nd time this has happened in a year, but I want to be safe rather then sorry. With every plan there should always be a backup plan :P. If this happens on a critical game night, then this server is here ready to roll if or when that happens. Just another service brought to you in part or full by Lord-Deltite hehehe.

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From memory and I believe this is what silent meant, we actually have 2 mumbles? (atleast in my mumble I have 2 which I can join) the current mumble server, and what I refer to as the “old” mumble server?

The old one, I know the BoD has used a number of times for its “uninformed clandestine hocuspocus dictatorial” (as some like the believe they are) discussions – but in fact the real reason we are using that channel is just easier/more private)
I’m pretty sure we’ve use this in the one instance where mumble went down before!

Ro you know what I’m talking about, can you advise me!!

Ultimately it doesnt matter, whatever/wherever/however – just make sure that the connection detail dealies are stored on the “chat/mumble” page of the site, rather then in some random blog, let’s be organised peoples!


Its all good Shads, Robag’s will still be the backup server which the BoD can use… or this server, which ever serves the purpose at the time. Also all the details that need to be displayed have been edited. Which I have to say was pretty quick seeing as we went from nothing to all setup with full details listed on the site, new address and all in under 4 hours. I would have had the channels setup, but Im having issues with the web client atm. Im hoping to have that sorted just in case we do need this again. I did mention to Robag last night that the BoD are welcome to use this new server if they wish to talk about stuff, not knowing that Robag’s current backup mumble server is already used for this. Being the fact that the server was down, I messaged Ro asking if we had a stable back up to which the reply was no… well I went and immediately set us up with one (if there is one thing that cramps my game style, its not being able to talk to my team mates… match or no match). Yes we did have a backup server, no it cant take the load of average usage. As it was, with in the hour of me setting this one up, we had over 12 people on it. Had more people known etc, it could almost cap out. Thus why I got a 20 slot server. If we really need it, Robag’s is there in a pinch but will probably only support those that NEED it for just that moment in time, not the whole team jumping on. The chances of the current server, plus my server being down are pretty slim… but once again, just in case there is Robag’s as a third layer for backup. But if we just need a backup that everyone knows and can ALL get on for the night to just have fun… or match, what ever, then there is this one (being a 20 slot, not 8). I got this with a different company so as to diversify the chance we will not have a server to use on a game night. I was thinking of going with a different state, with this company it was either Sydney or Perth. I didn’t think the NZ people would like that to much. Any way, I hope that ties up any lose ends of info. Also, keep in mind I did this off my own back with my own money paid in full for a server we might not use. But as I said, I would like it to be there JUST IN CASE.

Server: Port: 64738 (Current, always use)
Server: Port: 64778(Backup, for use in down time, everyone use this)
Robags Backup server (backup backup server that the BoD can also use for private meetings and for the very slim chance the other two servers are off line… only Match night members join this one. Sorry I actually dont know the details to this one.)

That sound ok to everyone?

SuperUser finally setup

Ok, so I just finally got the SuperUser to work… dumb ass me had the wrong port number… any way I have setup all the channels that we actually use. So its pretty much a clone of the current one we have. Also, while making the channels I had a thought, why not use that server for the IPX network recordings. There is little to no chance at all that you will be bothered on there if the current mumble is up and running. Just makes screening and insuring nothing interrupts you while you are live. As this is a mumble server for the TEAM and not me, I will send the super user details to Robag to be placed on a BoD thread. Assuming you have those. Its not like there would be any thing super important that cant wait when it comes to mumble, but you never know what might happen :).

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good idea sparky

we was already gunna do that ;)

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