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RUST Devblog 49

The improvements keep comin'

Love th' sleepin' bag notion, should save a lot o' muckin' aroun' tryin' t' find each other on new maps.

Devblog 49
Posted on February 26, 2015 by Garry Newman

Sleepin' Bag Charity Simulator

Assign t' Friend

Somethin' we’ve been thinkin' about fer a long time. We’ve talked ourselves out o' it an' talked ourselves back into it. Our primary problem with this solution were bein' that we didn’t like that scallywags would be killin' themselves t' spawn near a matey. Fetch me spyglass! Which likely seems like a silly thin' t' worry about. So now I’m pullin' th' trigger.

The notion is as simple as it could be. You hold E on a sleepin' bag that ye own, select assign t' matey – then search fer yer matey’s name an' click on it. Your matey now owns this sleepin' bag an' can spawn at it. The player list is collected from players on th' server an' from yer maties list.

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RUST UPDATE Devblog 44

lookin' good!

Devblog 44
Posted on January 23, 2015 by Garry Newman


Lots o' stuff happenin' at th' same time this week.

Radtown Loot

The way loot spawns has been changed. Previously ye’d always find boxes in th' same position an' most o' th' time they were empty.

Now th' boxes disappear when they be looted an' respawn at a random position.

We’ve also modified th' loot tables quite a bit t' be slightly more generous when it comes t' boxes in rad towns, ye scurvey dog. You will also notice that Rad Towns spawn barrels at random positions. This means no more dummy barrels!

There be also different tiers fer th' barrels, some with better, some with worse loot.

Updated Terrain Generation

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Fistful of Frags Fun Night: Friday 5 December (Update Now Saturday)

It has been a while since we had a fun night… so how about dustin' o' th' chaps, polishin' ya spurs, puttin' on yer best poncho an' loadin' up th' six shooters fer some spaghetti western action?

Start time: 8:30pm AEDT
Date: Saturday 6 December

Robag has kindly offered t' rig up a TeamIPX server fer th' event, details t' be posted, (thanks Ro!)

The developers have been busy releasin' many updates so make sure ye download th' latest an' be good t' go.

Game info available at:
TeamIPX game page:
Steam Page:

Hope t' catch ye all in Mumble.

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Does Team IPX need a Zombie proof log cabin?

Saw this article on cnet recently an' thought at last someone has filled this significant gap in th' log cabin market, Dance the Hempen Jig My only question is if ye were goin' t' get a cabin t' survive th' zombie apocalypse why on earth would ye build out o' somethin' that can burn or rot?!


Zombie-proof log cabin has 10-year anti-zombie guarantee

by Amanda Kooser
21 October 2014

If th' zombie apocalypse e'er arrives, ye’ll be happy ye dropped a ton o' cash fer a cabin designed t' fortify ye against attacks by th' undead.

You hear th' horrifyin' groans. Decayin' hands scrabble at th' door, tryin' t' find a way in. They want t' eat ye. You sit down on th' sofa, kick yer feet up an' open a can o' Spam. Nay worries. You’re inside a Zombie Fortification Cabin from Tiger Log Cabins. All ye have t' do now is wait in safety an' comfort fer th' zombie apocalypse t' blow o'er.

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Dead Island Epidemic?

Hello lubber zombie bashers. A couple o' Dead Islan' Epidemic beta gifts showed up in me steam inventory. If anyone is interested let me know.

Looks like it could be a bit o' a laugh. Hopefully they ironed out some o' th' bugs from th' dead islan' games! further info can be found at

also anyone watchin' this , ya bilge rat! must admit after th' last release I’m pretty skeptical….

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EXTRACTION Closed Beta keys

Seasons greetin's

If anyone wants a closed beta key fer Extraction (game formerly known as Dirty Bomb) please PM me.

Extraction is a free-t'-play PC shooter from Splash Damage, th' developer o' Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory an' Batman Arkham Origins multiplayer. This is th' next echelon o' FPS excellence, made by gamers, fer gamers.

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its a bloody disgrace

It’s “talk like a pirate day” an' shad isn’t alarmed that th' website has been hacked, on a dead man's chest! Somethin' is seriously wrong here…

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Ravaged: Zombie Apocalypse

Wow look what th' guys at 2DAWN did!


Ravaged Zombie Apocalypse delivers new maps an' modes stacked with a wild assortment o' super aggressive zombie types.
The Player’s objective is t' collect th' necessary parts t' repair th' escape vehicle an' get th' hell out o' th' zombie – infested areas – or die tryin'. Jump in solo or go co-op – with four other players – as one o' th' five Resistance classes. The odds be stacked against ye with only one preci'us life t' live an' equipped with just a skull crackin' crowbar at th' start, to be sure. Loot more weapons throughout th' maps as well as collect fuel t' use th' many Ravaged vehicles.

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Fuzz sighted at the State of Origin

many o' ye will have witnessed Fuzz in all his glory last night an' not even known it. Behold….

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Chickens smarter than toddlers

breakin' news


IT IS easy t' dismiss them as bird brains, but chickens may be cleverer than toddlers.

Studies show that chicks can master skills includin' numeracy an' self-control – an' even basic structural engineerin'.

Typically, it takes little sandcrabs until th' age o' four t' accomplish some o' these feats.

Christine Nicol, th' Bristol University professor o' animal welfare who reviewed 20 years o' research on th' topic, said it were bein' wrong t' think o' chickens as bein' stupid. Instead, th' birds have ‘many hidden depths’.

Chickens exhibit intelligent behaviour within just a few hours o' hatchin', Professor Nicol says.

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