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Cybergamer Jet Ladder

Morning all,

Cybergamer have started a 1v1 jet ladder if anyone is interested. Fishey and I have both entered (against each other)

This is the forum thread about it

This is the ladder info

Battlefield 3 Close Combat Trailer

Morning Lads

Here Trailer for first DLC

A site you BF3 players mite like to look at

Is kinda like battlelog but is more comprehensive and has more pretty pictures and stuff.

Too Bad Ausys

Was an amazing game but from the start the All Blacks had it. Better luck next time ya dirty ausys.

Dirt 3 New DLC release today

Power and Glory Car Pack
Five additional vehicles contained within the pack, each with 5 liveries:

* BMW M3 Rally – Rally 80s
* Lancia Delta S4 – Rally Group B
* Ford Focus ST RallyX – Rallycross
* Scion tC – Gymkhana
* Chevrolet Camaro SSX Concept – Trailblazer Modern

Another DLC is due on June 28th This one will include the monte carlo rally and a new fog weather effect.

Dirt 3 Cat n Mouse Challenge

Hi Guys

As many of you may know foe the last few weeks some of us have been playing the new Dirt 3.
For those of us who wernt around for it we used to run DOPIT which was a racing comp within IPX the rewards being svalbards and bragging rights.
This post is to check interest and thoughts on setup Dirt 3 comp but rather than just straight racing we would be running a Cat n Mouse game type.

Cat n Mouse game type :
Two or more people race in teams, one person being the mouse. This person must drive a mini and try to get to the finish as fast as possible. The other member or members will be driving group B cars and must try to protect their mouse and stop the others from winning.

We would run it with teams of two and up to 4 teams in any one race. Points would be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd and we would run several races and tracks over several weeks and the winners would be awarded svalbards at the end of the comp.

So what does everyone think?

Happy Birthday Spuddy

Have a great day buddy!

They are F**KEN taking over!!

Those dirty norwegians are making another push.

According to a UN report Norway is the Best country in the world to live in followed by Ausy and NZ.
The norwegians must have corrupted the UN.
Watch out next they will be after you!

This link has the top 15 countrys to live in :

Dirt 3

Here is update on Dirt 3 trail blazer.
Gfx look bloody good and i really want the audi

GA 8v8 Rush Season 2

Morning Lads

Coming up shortly will be season 2 of the 8v8 Ladder. Those who would be keen on playing please show on the table so we can get an idea on numbers. Would be great to see some of the new fellas getting into it.

Team IPX Yes/No Comment
Bloodstorm Yes Prob will play less for a few weeks when they baby arrives thou
Chipper - -
Cheesy - -
Deadite Y -
Fuzz No -
HarassmentPanda - -
Hashy - -
Kerrien Y raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawr
KillerSL YES IPX number 1
Kippa - -
Limpet y lol blood, a bit less, lets see how that works out for u
Loganator Yes why not
Ltmon - -
Mattatuide - -
Microman No This game makes me angry
Milzy Yepo What kerrien said
n0mad No c0mpetiti0n Gaming is 0ver Rated – g00d Luck Play 2 have FUN !
Robag Y one more season of bad rego rage lolzy
Sc0ut - -
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