IPX Glossary of Terms

You may chance t' come across Team IPX in th' gamin' world, and dinna spare the whip! After they be done annihilatin' ye, ye may hear some witty banter (either that or ye have killed us an' we be swearin' our heads off). Either way, fer those uninitiated in th' ways o' th' IPX, here be some terms that may need an explanation…

NO, th' H is Not silent ye Kknob, VVanker, Truckhead!

FFS, WTF do ye mean ye don’t know what FFS means!?

Don’t feed em after midnight, don’t get them wet an' whatever ye do…. DON’T LET THEM BREED WITH NORWEGIANS!
The results be bad eg. “I said IN th' TRAM, ye French speakin' Norwegian!”

when a word like Knob-jockey isnt enough… Kknob is one o' th' few stan' alone stong words that can be used t' discribe someone who just doesnt understan' “TRAM!” (no, im not explainin' Knob-jockey!)
pronounced KAY-NOB

Network Thin'
The original name fer LANs / IPXs dependin' on what ye want t' call them. It refers t' a bunch o' guys puttin' a bunch o' big ass computers onto a big ass table tennis table, connectin' them up with quality IPX equipment an' BNC cables.
The network won’t work, no-one will be able t' find anyone, until we take off a terminator an' put it back on again, we'll keel-haul ye, we'll keel-haul ye! Then it will work fer everyone except Kazozza, then we’ll all get Kazozza’s virus…. well ye know th' rest. Oho! Ahoy! (Aye yes that only happened once we know)

Often used in such ways “You Norwegian” “What be ye… Norwegian?” an' “Hes a moron from Norway” etc.
Whats it mean?Well its th' most derogatory term that could be used by an IPX… it means yer dumber then Dumb… pooper then poop an' we cant express it in words…..
FFS stop TKin' ye Norwegian!”

Fat stupid person.
Numbskull + Humpty Dumpty = Numpty!

Pass th' Puck!
As th' name implies, Pass th' Puck is a move sourced from th' Team’s hockey past, designed t' cause confusion t' th' enemy,
whilst achievin' an objective by successfully passin' important items from one member t' another.
It is used only in appropriate situations o' dire need (i.e. And swab the deck! I’m gettin' axed!)

Sack, Boned, Jessica Rowe, Eddie McGuire – You do th' math!
Often strung together into a chant – SACK, shiver me timbers SACK! SACK! SACK!

This one’s obvi'us, ye sheet fer brains!

This is a shout out t' all th' numpty’s (see above) out thar who don’t know that th' venom gun goes inside th' tram on th' trmfght_beta2 level o' ET…
Norwegian-321 I’m lookin' at ye!

um…. a good exchange fer th' Middle F in FFS, Truckhead!

ok, we know ye know what it means, but we be sick o' everyone spellin' an' sayin' it wrong, yo ho, ho it has 2 V’s scallywags, FFS! Load the cannons! vvanker is used along th' same lines as Kknob!

WTF do ye mean ye don’t know what WTF means!? FFS!

Walkin' th' Dog
Conducted in th' toolshed/camper an' has nothin' t' do with dogs….

For th' love o' God dern't say this t' Sha8doW, but it is o.k t' say if have a beer in yer han'

Funny w0rd as it has 2 meanin's
> t' complain or grumble
> Australia & NZ slang fine or excellent
We here at IPX like t' think everythinK is Grouse
Especially n0mad…..

Screw Norway an' th' polar bear ye rode in on
For th' times in yer life when “Screw Norway” is not enough,
if ye really want t' sail yer point home, really stick it t' those Norwegians’

claimin' a person is cheatin'

False Hackusation
claimin' a person is cheatin' when they arent…. normally made without any factual evidence or proof – See erNOZ

“doin' an erNOZ”
makin' an outrageous hackusation against someone with no factual basis or proof!
Player 1 “WTF I snuffed it….”
Player 2 “huh what happened”
Player 1 “Again, same lubber…. Must be HAX
Player 2 “Player 1 stop doin' an erNoz, they dont hack ye arsehat!”

Hackusation makin' players – see Clan erNoz fer a better example (excludin' XapreX, he’s cool)

Team IPX have spoken………
this mean’s Team – IPX has spoken nuff said

A game; t' kick each other in th' balls o'er an object, last one standin' wins.
Southpark Cartman “Avast Pip, i’ll roshambo ye fer that arrow head”