Credits and Thanks

Here is a list o' all those who deserve Credit an' Thanks fer th' roles they have played in makin' Team IPX a success.

Hockey Thanks

IPX would like t' thank th' followin':

  1. Family, wives, maties an' girlfriends – yer support makes this possible
  2. Bob from Penrith Skatel – For lettin' us use th' Skatel fer practice
  3. Orchard Park Elementary School – Michael Pratt, Assistant Principal an' th' High School Graphic Arts Department fer assistance helpin' Kazashi with th' Ice Eagle bounty

All gear is sourced though Hockey Monkey

IPX would not like t' thank President Maximoto or Norway!

“Network Thin'” Thanks

IPX would like t' thank th' followin':

  1. Ian – fer providin' most o' th' LAN equipment fer th' original “Network Thin'”, feed the fishes 10Mb network cards, cables, t-connectors, terminators etc, avast. Also fer burnin' thin's back when he were bein' th' only person we knew who had a CD Burner!
  2. Family – fer puttin' up with us makin' all sorts o' noise throughout all hours o' th' night.

IPX would not like t' thank EA or Any Windows Product (completed or said t' be completed)