IPX Rule Book

Some o' th' Rules IPX abides by fer healthy livin', hockey an' world domination!

But firstly a word from th' almighty Lu-Kas:

“Thou shalt not offer a mortal a jersey that hath no number. Thy number is a link t' me; where a number is, I shall be, by Blackbeard's sword. The Dog is me symbol, me eyes that see th' numbers which please me.

Woe betide th' mortal who defies me an' chooses not an integer above 0, lest I take his first-born an' summon plagues o' French t' darken th' lan'!”


Rule 1: “You can kill an IPX, but ye will NEVER outsmart one”

Rule 2: “IPX is THE best networkin' protocol e'er created”

Rule 3: All IPX Members must do what Kazozza says

Rule 4: “NEVER eat anythin' bigger than yer head”

Rule 5: You can’t Join IPX….. but ye can become an Honorary member!

Rule 6: All IPX Members an' Robag must do what Fuzz says

Rule 7: “When in doubt, PASS THE PUCK!”

Rule 8: All IPX Members must do what Sha8doW says

Rule 10: All IPX Members must do what Robag says

Rule 11: Loyalty Above All Else!

Rule 12: IPX Founders, Members an' Honorary Members must maintain th' Open an' Honest Policy an' partake in th' FREE TRADE o' information Agreement. “ye don’t NEED* t' volunteer th' information, But if asked, ye must supply TRUTH an' fact t' answer th' question.”

  • Although it is not needed, please supply information openly in th' best interest o' IPX, “To be forewarned is t' be forearmed”

Rule 13: All IPX Members must do what Kazashi says

Rule 14: “If somethin' isn’t workin', try gigglin' th' cable”

Rule 15: Don’t Cheat… if yer gettin' nailed… Abuse them, Play Dirty or even bang their mother. Just don’t cheat!

Rule 16: Do not hinder th' progress o' IPX

Rule 17: Members cannot use any o' th' Team IPX trademarks, symbols, sayin's or th' “IPX“ suffix without prior written consent from th' BoD.

Rule 18: Acts o' “Deviance” i.e. Not turnin' up or supportin' a team function when ye have nominated yourself fer attendance or support, will result in yer Membership status demoted an' or terminated.

Rule 19: BoD members Decisions be Final

Rule 20: Honorary Membership is NOT fer life… it can be rescinded, Revoked an' if ye Sheet a founder off enough… ye will be publicly humiliated in th' process!!

Rule 22: “Nay Homers”

Rule 23: “The Venom goes IN th' tram!” (See TRAM)

Rule 24: The first time ye see someone each day it is mornin', regardless o' th' actual time o' day. Valid greetin's be “mornin'” an' “good mornin'”. Unacceptable greetin's include “good afternoon” “afternoon”, Ya horn swogglin' scurvy cur, I'll warrant ye! The reverse applies fer when ye be leavin'.

Rule 25: Don’t post Anon posts/comments… if ye do ye owe everyone on IPX a beer or other alcoholic beverage!

  • Repeat offenders will have t' provide slabs an'/or kegs.

Rule 27: “Team IPX has a zero tolerance fer ANY kind o' spam – except th' ‘meat’ one” ( Gareth(MD), we be lookin' at YOU!)

Rule 28: There shall be no bringin' IPX or th' Team IPX website into disrepute by actions or inactions

Rule 29: Your IPX Jersey that is handed t' ye must not be altered in any way shape or form

Rule 31: You break it, ye fix it. If ye can’t fix it, talk t' a Bod Member.

Rule 33: All IPX Members must do what n0mad says

Rule 35: All IPX Members must do what AxeMan says

Rule 38: The IPX jersey / tag must be worn at all times in battle

Rule 39: Anonymous posters dern't have th' right t' use swear words o' any kind. All posts by anonymous users will have swear words censored. And hoist the mainsail! Fetch me spyglass! Register an' have th' guts t' put a name t' yer post if ye wish t' take advantage o' TeamIPX.net’s leniency towards swearin'.

Rule 40: Decisions relatin' t' th' direction o' Team IPX be done via a BoD members Majority vote.

Rule 45: “Team IPX does not condone th' combination o' alcohol an' gamin'” (Ares/Robag ye have been warned!)

Rule 46: Although IPX is not a clan per se, it is expected that members be not affiliated with CLANS which brin' loyalties into question an' may cause th' member t' not wear his/that comely wench jersey in battle.

Rule 50: Nay misleadin' conduct

Rule 51: There is no such thin' as a “Chocolate Martini”

Rule 52: All members must have a workin' microphone (lookin' at u Fuzz) Edit Robag